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A journey into Chiang Mai

Coffee Farm Tour


Where are we going!?

We are heading to Chiang Mai! And we want to bring you with us!


The month of October to January is a special season for coffee farmers in Thailand. All the hard work they have put into cultivating their land throughout the year is marked for this particular period - because the coffee cherries are now ripe and ready to be harvested!

Journey with us to the remote parts of Chiang Mai, 1400 meters above sea level and we promise you a breathtaking view of mountains filled with red and green. Immerse yourself in the vast forest and witness its power, beauty and serenity while you take a sip on a cup of coffee. 

We will be visiting two coffee farms and enjoy a sumptuous meal prepared by the locals. Have a taste of food made from the freshest ingredients - all grown organically and harvested on the same mountains. 

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Come with us!

Our team have went in advance to touch base with the owners and farmers of coffee plantations. This is a special collaboration to highlight the unique culture of the Thai people as well as to educate the participants on the amazing journey of bean to cup.

This is an educational tour, aimed at giving you the best hands-on experience and increase your knowledge in coffee. You will get the chance to pick ripe coffee cherries from the plantations and witness how they are being processed. 

We will also be conducting our enrichment classes within the farms and village. It is going to be cold, so bring along your jackets and windbreakers!

Who are your guides


Ronald Tan, Kings Cart Coffee

Wanlop, Nine One Coffee

Chatree, Khun Chiang Kian

Watt, Karabica

What to expect?

2 Day Guided Tour - $860 per person


Here are some highlights!

1. Educational Programs 

▸ Introduction to Coffee 

▸ Coffee Sensory Class

▸ Brewing Class

2. Hands On Coffee Cherry Picking

3. Coffee Cherry Processing Tour

4. Coffee Tasting from different processing methods and varietals

5. Organic farm food prepared by local villagers

The course fee includes:

1. One night accommodation in Chiang Mai City

2. Lunch & Dinner for 2 days

3. Transportation to and fro the coffee farms

4. Local guide 

What is not included:

1. Participants are expected to purchase their own air tickets.

2. Travel insurance

Join our Tour!

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