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Kings Cart Coffee started in 2017 as a coffee cart service provider to events.


We had a simple idea - We wish to provide good quality coffee as compared to run of the mill variants that are usually drawn from automatic coffee machines in small to large-scale events. We believe that our consumers will understand and appreciate a good cup of coffee. They should also have easy access to it regardless of the venue. On top of that, we also believe that corporations can build a prestigious brand image when they provide their guests something artisanal.

King's Cart Coffee

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Live Barista Station




Ronald Tan



Maggie Chen


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the first 

King's Office

The idea is to create a community within large offices so that colleagues of different departments or corporate hierarchy can come together, interact, and develop a deeper sense of relationship over a common cup.​

On top of that, we brought a subtle yet profound form of prestige to the companies in our course of engagement. Guests are often very impressed by the quality of coffee, the eloquence of our baristas and the kind of employee benefit that is provided. This developed a level of respect to the parent company that employed our services.  In 2 years, we have successfully come on board 4 large corporations. On top of that, we actively seek and work with needy individuals of society by engaging and training them with coffee knowledge so that they can be equipped with necessary skills and remain employable.

Mobile Coffee Cart


King's Cart Coffee Factory

Kings Cart Coffee Factory

Challenges we faced

As the world came to a standstill, we too, were forced to scale back on our operations. In the beginning of 2020, all our major events were postponed

or cancelled.  

About our team

Our team is made up of dedicated and talented people who have fought hard to make the business work. 

How we came about

With the stockpile of coffee machinery, coffee beans and creative minds, we put together our collective knowledge and experiences and came up with a concept that gave birth to Kings Cart Coffee Factory.


Make it easy for

Coconut Cold Brew

Coconut Cold Brew

​We envisioned Kings Cart Coffee to be a storming ground for coffee lovers. More than that, we want to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for everyone. If you want to know more about our products, just chat up with our roasters or baristas and we will be most happy to share. Otherwise, we will not overwhelm you with complex terms. 

Coffee Roaster

Coffee Roasting

Espresso based cocktails

Signature Coffee Cocktails

Our team curated a menu that is simple yet complex enough for the geeks to discuss about the origins of the bean, or the acids and sugars used.

We have also incorporated part of our roasting facility into the premise. This is to bring the experience of coffee production closer to our guests so that we can demonstrate and share our knowledge to anyone who is interested to learn.

We are a coffee centric place. Since most of our guests consume coffee in the day, our food offerings are mainly curated for brunch and desserts.

On Fridays and Saturdays, we have a little fun and open later into the night to feature some of our more creative cocktail concoctions – some of which with espressos.

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