Our Story - Chronically 

Kings Cart Coffee started in 2017 as a coffee cart service provider to events.


We had a simple idea - We wish to provide good quality coffee as compared to run of the mill variants that are usually drawn from automatic coffee machines in small to large scale events. We believe that our consumers will understand and appreciate a good cup of coffee. They should also have easy access to it regardless of the venue. On top of that, we also believe that corporations can build a prestigious brand image when they provide their guests something artisanal.

Apart from providing quality products, we have built a strong bond of trust and support with our event partners. We understand the need for reliable service when conducting a corporate event. To date, we are proud to say that we have never failed any of our business partners – not even once.

As we grew, the general public started to recognize our brand. We received many positive feedbacks and it is extremely heartening when guests come to greet us to say that they have met us in weddings or corporate functions. This made us proud and had given us the confidence to improve on our craft.

To ensure quality control over our products, we started sourcing and roasting our own coffee beans. Our founders went on to further their studies in coffee.

Ronald studied under Sam Choi in Quest Coffee Vietnam and is a SCA Certified Coffee Roaster.


Ronald Tan

SCA Certified Roaster

Maggie Chen, took to the mountains of Yunnan and underwent her training with Marty Pollack to become a certified Q-Arabica Grader – the most prestigious and rigorous sensory training and accreditation in the coffee industry.

In 2018, Kings Cart Coffee started to roast and produce our own coffee beans.

Co -Founder

Maggie Chen

Certified Q Arabica Grader

The first King’s Office

In the second year of our daily grind, we were approached by several larger corporations to extend our services into their pantry. They wanted an affordable option to provide good quality coffee to their employees and guests alike. Most of these companies are located in the Central Business Districts where coffee is a luxury, or in secluded areas where good coffee is inaccessible.

Thus, we launched King’s Office – our in-house barista services for employees.

The idea is to create a community within large offices so that colleagues of different departments or corporate hierarchy can come together, interact, and develop a deeper sense of relationship over a common cup.​

On top of that, we brought a subtle yet profound form of prestige to the companies in our course of engagement. Guests are often very impressed by the quality of coffee, the eloquence of our baristas and the kind of employee benefit that is provided. This developed a level of respect to the parent company that employed our services.


In 2 years, we have successfully come on board 4 large corporations. On top of that, we actively seek and work with needy individuals of society by engaging and training them with coffee knowledge so that they can be equipped with necessary skills and remain employable.

Kings Cart Coffee Factory

Kings Cart Coffee Factory was born amidst the current Covid-19 pandemic and is a result of quick business restructuring. As the world came to a standstill, we too, were forced to scale back on our operations.  Most of our core business functions were affected. In the beginning of year 2020, all our major events were postponed or cancelled. Most, if not all, of our corporate office barista services has been halted as employees are encouraged to work from home.

Our team is made up of dedicated and talented people who have fought hard to make the business work. We believe that in such a time, it is the duty of the company to ensure that everyone remains employed and protect them from the storm – we need to fight for them just like how they have fought for us in better days.

The quick (but risky) fix? – to open a store and create jobs for everyone.

To do so, we looked at what we have instead of what we do not and realize that every individual in our team is made up of people with F&B experience. With the stockpile of coffee machinery, coffee beans and creative minds, we put together our collective knowledge and experiences and came up with a concept that gave birth to Kings Cart Coffee Factory.

The Concept: Make it easy for everyone.

When each of us looked back at our own coffee journeys, many a times we felt intimidated by sophisticated industrial jargons or commentaries from coffee experts. Each of us have experienced occasions when we like or dislike a certain beverage but were too afraid to voice out. The fear of looking silly in front of someone better often bogged down our abilities to learn and we want to remove that sense of dismissal for anyone who visits our premise.

We envisioned Kings Cart Coffee to be a storming ground for coffee lovers. More than that, we want to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for everyone. If you want to know more about our products, just chat up with our roasters or baristas and we will be most happy to share. Otherwise, we will not overwhelm you with complex terms. We believe that coffee is very individual and your approval rating of the cup can be simplified to just a “Yes” or “No”.

Coconut Cold Brew

Our team curated a menu that is simple yet complex enough for the geeks to discuss about the origins of the bean, or the acids and sugars used.

We have also incorporated part of our roasting facility into the premise. This is to bring the experience of coffee production closer to our guests so that we can demonstrate and share our knowledge to anyone who is interested to learn.

In Kings Cart Coffee Factory, we view coffee as an ingredient as compared to a final product. This gives us the ability to be creative and craft specialty drinks and cocktails that feature our beans.

We are a coffee centric place. Since most of our guests consume coffee in the day, our food offerings are mainly curated for brunch and desserts.

On Fridays and Saturdays, we have a little fun and open later into the night to feature some of our more creative cocktail concoctions – some of which with espressos.

Coffee Roaster

Espresso based cocktails

Find Us!

Kings Cart Coffee Factory:

328 Joo Chiat Road, #01-05

Corporate Office:

159 Sin Ming Road, Amtech Building #05-08A Lobby 2



Tel: +65 9638 8380  |  Email: Ronald@kingscartcoffee.com