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Mobile Coffee

From birthdays and weddings to corporate events. King's Cart Coffee will bring professional coffee and service to you.

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Barista Course

Wonder what makes a good coffee? How about impressing your friends with some latte art?

Join us as we introduce you into the world of coffee making in our basic barista course!


The King's Office

Specialty Coffee in your office will not only help you save time and money, but it will also create a prestigious corporate identity and improve staff retention.


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We roast our own coffee to maintain quality and freshness. If you are a cafe owner, business or simply an enthusiast that want purchase quality coffee, we can supply them to you in large or small quantities.

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What do we do

King's Cart Coffee is more than a coffee cart. We have a deep love for coffee and we strive to provide the best service.

We understand the importance of reliability and speed when it comes to events and we are highly experienced in executing them to perfection. If you are an events company, corporation or individual simply looking to host a birthday party, look no further. We've got you covered! 

To ensure quality in our products, we source and roast each batch of coffee ourselves. Our roaster is fired up twice a week to ensure that our customers gets the freshest beans. If you made a purchase with us, be assured that you will receive your goods in less than 2 days.

All our baristas are well trained and is able to create artisan beverages at speed and with a smile!

Latte art? No problem!

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