Coffee Travel log - Seoul

Every time I get the opportunity to travel the world, I will seek out the different coffee cultures in the country. Looking back on my photos, I realized that I have made footprints on quite a few parts of the globe. And I wish to share my coffee adventures with you.

First up on the list, I had the opportunity to check out the scene in Seoul, South Korea.

It is full swing winter and the streets are howling icicles at -11 degree Celsius.

The coffee revolution has evolved exponentially in South Korea. I remember visiting more than 6 years ago when the K-pop trend just exploded around the world. The streets were peppered by facial, beauty products and the latest fashion trends. But street after streets, I have not been able to find a single specialty cafe. 

I am pleasantly pleased but not at all surprised by the availability of good coffee when I visit again last December. Globalization has spread its reach to this area and the Koreans are fast on catching up in the latest coffee wave. 

The Koreans are an amazing bunch of people. They are highly sensitive to beauty and looks. Needless to say, the visual outlook of their shops, cafe and packaging are awesome.