An era not forgotten.

My name is Ronald and I have a deep passion for coffee.

My love for the craft started when I was 16 years old. Like many Singaporean kids that age, I worked as a part timer during my school holidays to earn some extra pocket money. 

I had my first encounter with a professional Italian espresso machine during my stint at Olio Dome Cafe in Bishan. For those who might be old enough to remember, the Starbucks that is currently located in Bishan's community center used to be Olio Dome Cafe. A quaint and cozy place where the community used to gather for a cigarette or cigar in the alfresco dining area.

(Yeah, you can smoke under a shelter last time. Oh, did I mention it was in a community center?) 

This was a period in time when a typical cup of latte is bench-marked to a cup from The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (Starbucks only came in a couple of years later). Latte art was non-existent and people do not give 2 cents onto how your espresso is brewed. There is no such thing as pre-infusions and coffee beans were stored in the freezer to maintain "freshness". Oh.. the horrors. 

Truth be told, most people during this period don't know what they are drinking anyway.