WMF - 1100S

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Recommended: 80 cups per day




Anything and everything. In the smallest possible space. That is the concept behind every convenience store, as well as the new WMF 1100S. And that is precisely why it will fit your own convenience store perfectly too. Despite the machine’s compact size, it can completely match our larger fully automatic models on features and indulgence. Thanks to the Basic Milk System and integrated chocolate dispenser, professional, premium quality coffee specialities are easy to prepare for customers and staff alike. The intuitive touch display makes it particularly easy to handle and can also be used in self-service mode, as well as an advertising display. And the smart cleaning concept works just as impressively.

WMF - 1100S

    Weight: 25.5 kg empty
    Power: 1P/N/E 230V, 1.9 - 2.3 kW
    Water Tank: 4.5 Litres
    Outlet Height 110/175 mm
    Grinders 2 @ 550g

    HOURLY CAPACITY as per DIN 18873-2
    Espresso 105 / 150 cups*
    Café Crème 75 / 90 cups*
    Cappuccino 105 cups
    Hot Water up to 110 cups
    * single / double dispensing