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Country of Origin:

Central America, Guatemala, Atitlan and Antigua.

Processing Method:

SHB, Naturals


Full, Rounded Body


Cookies, Toffee, Chocolate Cake, Mixed Nuts


Sweet, Pleasant Acidity


Why we liked it:

Its like drinking a dark, nutty chocolate cake. Yums!


Coffee beans grown in Guatemala typically have tasting notes indicating a full bodyand a rich chocolatey-cocoa flavor, and a toffee-like sweetness. Guatemalan coffees are true central American coffees. 


For the geeks:

In particular the Strictly Hard Bean green coffees grown in the Atitlan and Antigua coffee growing regions in the country’s central highlands exhibit these qualities as well as a floral acidity that is often spicy or chocolaty.


Some coffee reviews note that a lighter acidity is found among the coffees grown in mountain areas exposed to the Caribbean (e.g., Huehuetenango and Coban) or exposed to the Pacific Ocean (e.g., San Marcos), and these coffees tend to exhibit more of a fruity acidity and flavor.


One of the best Guatemala coffees is Guatemala Antigua, which is distinguished for its complex flavor and hint of cocoa.


Antigua is known to exhibit the typical Guatemalan coffee qualities which include a full body (heavier than the typical Central American coffee) and spicy flavor that is often very rich, even velvety. An ideal coffee-growing soil and climate is found in the Antigua region, a valley surrounded by three volcanoes.


These coffees are known to retain their unique flavors well into a dark and even espresso roast.

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