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We are a coffee company where sustainability is at forefront of everything we do. In our normal routine, we practice sustainable methods throughout everything we do, from coffee waste to recycling paper straws. We currently practice three different sustainable development goals.

What we do with coffee ground

Some of our coffee grounds products are :  

  • Coffee Candles

  • Coffee Coaster

Responsible Consumption and Production 

Reduce food waste into new products such as candles, trays, and more. We provide coffee grounds in our outlet for customers to take away instead of throwing them into the bin every day.

Some of our practices in our cafe are :  

  • Using Huskee cups in our daily cafe hot beverages

  • Bamboo Fibre Plate

  • Paper straws instead of plastic straws 

  • Using coffee grounds to create new products

Coffee Ground Series

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure 

Our employees were able to learn new skills like a barista or any transferable skills with the time they saved.


Through the use of technology in our café, we lessen the need for cashiers to key in menu orders. With the availability of mobile ordering, customers can now place their meal orders more easily and with fewer mistakes.


Decent Work and Economic Growth 

Our goal is to provide equal opportunity for people who want to work. As each individual has their own difficulties and different time schedule, we provided them with

  • a work schedule that meets their needs

  • a higher skill set that improves their work abilities

  • transferable skills that allow them to earn a higher salary and more

Decent work and economic growth
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