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Royal Premium Chocolate Powder

Royal Premium Chocolate Powder


Warning: Extremely Delicious! 


Steam up some milk and it becomes a delightful cup of hot chocolate, perfect for any occassion! Or toss a teaspoon into your espresso and transform it into a delicious cup of Cafe Mocha.


This special concoction is crafted for the serious chocolate drinker in mind. 
It has higher than usual cocoa content and is less sweet as compared to other generic brands.


How to prepare:

1. Add 2 to 3 teaspoons (or double it up if you like it thick!) into your cup.

2. Melt it with a dash of hot water

3. Add hot milk into the mix

4. Take a selfie, post on instagram.

5. Kick back, enjoy.


Note: Product contains milk powder.

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