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Kenya Kirimahiga AB

Kenya Kirimahiga AB



  • Country: Kenya
  • Region: Murang’a County
  • Mill: Kirimahiga



  • Varietals: SL 28, SL 34, and Ruiru 11
  • Processing: Washed and dried on raised beds
  • Altitude: 1,300–1,900 MASL


Tasting Notes

  • Cucumber, chrysanthemum, white chocolate, caramel



  • This Kenyan coffee offers a refreshing sensory experience, kickstarted by the refreshing acidity of cucumber, chrysanthemum floral notes, with a hint of berries. It has a light to medium, black tea-esque body. The cup is clean, smooth, and lingers; with notes of silky white chocolate and caramel present when consumed with milk.


For the Geeks

  • Kenyan coffees (AA, AB, PB, etc.) are graded by size, which does not indicate cup quality. Kenya is a unique coffee-producing country in East Africa, with 70% of nearly 700,000 coffee producers being smallholder producers. The high altitude of Murang’a County provides ideal temperatures and rainfall for slow maturation, i.e., more time for the flavor to be packed into the coffee cherries.
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