Cold Brew Bag (12 Packs)

Now you can brew cold brew at home without the hassle!



Step 1 : Drop the pack into a pitcher or flask. Each sachet brews 200ml of cold brew.

Step 2 : Steep in the fridge for 20-24 hours.

Step 3 : Serve with ice or milk. Skip the ice for a bolder taste!


Remains fresh in the fridge for up to 7 days!


The cold extraction process brings out fewer of coffee’s bitter compounds, which produces a sweeter and smoother result.


Currently available in 2 flavours! Ethiopia YIrgacheffe is vibrantly floral and sweet, whereas Colombia Supremo is Fruity and Citrus! 


Perfect for the hot weather! 


Each bag contains 12 amazing sachets.

Cold Brew Bag (12 Packs)

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